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               Dear ser:  I"m really appreciate of having this opportunity to introduce myself. Well, my name is Guo Zhaozhou and I got an English name called Johna.Now I’m 18 years old and still a Grade Ⅲ student of Senior High School named Secondary School attached to Yunnan Normal University.  In 2006,I graduated from The Experimental Middle School Attached To Yunnan Normal University and entered the high school at the same year. During the following years, I have got much more knowledge for basic courses and extra-curricular in the Secondary School attached to Yunnan Normal University the best high school in our province. In the lately 2 years, I lead our class won the champion of the school chorus competition. By the game, I got a exhaustive realize about the team spirit. And then, with the great help from my classmates and also my hard-working, I won the third prize of the school singing competition.Although,it is not a excellent result ,the competition also gave me a unforgettable experience again. If I am free, I usually spend time playing tennis, playing basketball and painting.At the same time. I found I’m more and more crazy about animation design, not only interesting but also a kind of love that make me want to live with it in my whole life!Actualy,even myself still can’t understand why I will have the feeling, but I know, I will follow my dream and I believe I well achieve my goal one day!With the great interested in animation design, I decided to receive the education abroad, because I think some developed countries will be more well-developed than the other countries in this area. So if you want to get more knowledge and information, go abroad is the best way.



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